Potential Foods

We are food hackers on a quest to create new sustainable superfoods


Potential Foods is a food tech company.

We research natural ingredients and develop nutrient-dense, easy-to-digest food products.


A Good Catch


Our first mission: Create the Superfood of the Seas.

We are hacking ways to use fish (nose-to-tailfin), shellfish and edible sea plants into natural health nutrition. 

The first product line is Good Catch. A Good Catch meal is nutrient-dense, high-protein, ready-to-eat seafood.

All Good Catch meals have exeptionally high natural calcium, vitamin D, omega-3 and vitamin B12 levels. Designed especially for people living in the northern hemisphere. And everyone you love and care about.


Supercharged calories


Got potential?

Do you have a genuine passion for food?

Are you a bit obsessed with maximising your health and fitness?

Do you believe you can make the global food system more sustainable?

We’re looking for scientists, engineers, food developers and biohackers, from molecular biologists to supply-chain managers. 

Achieve your potential by joining our team.


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Petteri Kankkunen

CEO, Potential Foods


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